Meditation is a practice of awareness that brings you back into yourself and gives you a choice to accept whatever is present for you. It clears your mind, emotions, physical discomfort and feelings. It is calming and grounding and brings you into a stable state of being.

Meditation is a “basic” tool that doesn’t require experience or a particular belief, and it is not a religion, lifestyle or philosophy. Everyone can learn to meditate and to stay with themselves with regular practice, commitment and discipline.

Meditation promotes grounded embodiment and inner stillness that enhances self-knowledge, self-love and self-acceptance. You focus inwards and stay with whatever is present for you, without judgement and without pushing anything uncomfortable away; may it be hurt, pain, unease, stress, fear, anxiety, grief, physical discomfort, resentment, hostility, anger, hate, shame, disappointment, etc. – all of you is welcome. By acknowledging and accepting every part of yourself, movement and harmonisation can happen which creates space and freedom within you.

Montségur, France, one of the last strongholds of the Cathars

It is the realisation that everything you need is already within you and that there is no need to search outside of yourself as you connect with your own truth, with your sovereignty. You remember instead of searching. The better you know yourself, the less anything outside of yourself can determine your state of being which directly translates into how you walk through your life, the choices you make and the actions you take.

Meditation can be practised using various tools such as mantra, pranayama (breathing exercise), visualisation and focus. With regular practice sitting in nothingness or void can become a possibility.

I support you to learn how to hold and stay with yourself, within your own energetic field, to move through every layer and integrate, to be grounded and in your body in the here and now moment, to learn how to or strengthen your ability to go within so the state you hold in mediation can blend into your daily life so you can be and act from a state of inner and innate knowing rather than according to anything that happens outside of yourself.

I teach meditation in a safe and confidential container both face to face and online/remote 1:1 and groups, both a single session and regular sessions are possible. In a 1:1 setting one session is one hour and for groups shorter meditations are also possible, for example for a regular workplace group meditation over the lunch break.

It can be beneficial to combine meditation with Frequency Attunement Alchemy, Ceremony (face-to-face only), Attunement Practice and Kundalini Yoga, yet this is not a requirement, all sessions are individually available.

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Cover picture: “Illumination” by Paige Bradley