We invite you to sit in sacred ceremony and to be in the space of intention, stillness and truth. We invite you to create space and connect to your essence, be present with all of yourself and explore all aspects of your being. We invite you to go beyond the mind and narration and to step into your truth, your sovereignty.

You will be served a sacred plant medicine, a powerful shamanic snuff (tobacco) from the Amazon. Hapé (pronounced “ha-peh”, also Rapé or Rapeh) is a master plant teacher and is deeply grounding and cleansing. It is a medicine of truth, connection, silence and resilience. The shamanic healing experienced with this non-psychoactive medicine is a clearing of mind and body and can help shape the way to greater mental, emotional and physical health.

Tobacco is a sacred plant known to clear negative energy from an environment and a person’s energy field in which can manifest as health problems. Hapé is a blend of medicinal herbs used by shamans and consumed in a ritualistic way that connects you with the forces of nature and allows you to receive its blessings and healing.

The benefits of working with this medicine are many, such as clearing your mind, distractions, negative emotions and energies while enhancing focus in a grounded, balanced and uplifting way— detoxification of body, mind and your energy field. Hapé clears airways of mucus and bacteria and is thereby helping to combat colds and respiratory ailments. It can also be used in conjunction with other mental, physical and spiritual treatments and therapies for addiction and mental illness.

Sitting in ceremony with this master teacher brings your attention to your truth in the present moment, in the here and now. It removes masks and leads you to inner reflection. It teaches you to endure the moments of cleaning and transformation.

This powerful plant medicine supports the clearing of the pineal gland and boosts visionary, creative, self-expressive, mental and psychic abilities. It can be used as a tool to expand your consciousness and to extract from the matrix, programming, manipulation and narrative. It helps to break patterns, conditioning, games, MKUltra and to remove anything inorganic, implants, entities, imprints, AI and nanotech.

Ceremony is a space of inner stillness, presence, love and self-acceptance. The focus is inwards while letting go of the need to search outside of yourself; it’s about remembering your truth and being in alignment with it. The effects of the clearing and purging deep-seated toxins are calming and can bring more clarity, being emotionally anchored and more in line with your truth and sovereignty.

We have been working with sacred plant medicines for years, particularly with Hapé, in a deep and intimate relationship. The magic and healing on all levels that can happen when we surrender to ourselves, be with what is present, accept and let go of resistance and judgment, and be supported by sacred plant medicines as a resource, is beyond imagination and words.

We are eternally grateful and humbled for the Spirits of the Plants having chosen to be part of our journey home, supporting and remembering the humanity that has been stolen from us. Our vision is to encourage, promote and support the re-building and re-membering of our multi-dimensional humanity and organic original blueprint.

You will be held in a safe and loving container within a clear, protected and grounded space. The duration of an individual ceremony is 1.5 – 2 hours (AUD 277) face to face only and is recommended with a prior Frequency Attunement Alchemy treatment (2.5 – 3 hours, discounted AUD 417) to start off with. Sacred ceremony is part of our community event co-creation building a new earth in alignment with natural Lore and Universal Law.