Welcome to my website.

I AM Anita ~ Karan Amrita.

“Everything you need is already within you. Embody it.”

You, as a human being, have infinite potential. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what beliefs you have been taught. Solely by being a spiritual being having a human experience, you have infinite potential.

Everything you need to live the life you want to live is already within YOU, and I support you on your journey to discover and remember it so you can step into it and embody it.

I meet you at whichever point in your life you are at and provide opportunities and tools to uncover anything that has been limiting and preventing you from living fully and authentically in your highest truth and potential.

You don’t need to have a particular belief, be spiritual or have any prior experience to work with me. My service is for everyone and anyone who wants to increase their life quality and be in alignment with themselves. Anyone who wants to heal and let go of what is no longer needed, leave or change the “game” and direction if required – whatever that means for you.

At the Essence of my work are Frequency Attunement Alchemy, Ceremony, Meditation, Attunement Practice and Kundalini Yoga.

I provide possibilities and practical tools that promote transformation, integration, being present in your body in the here and now and going beyond the narrative, programming, manipulations and strategies. You will gain more clarity, balance, and harmony, allowing you to live a healthy life as a sovereign conscious creator.

My intention and commitment are my full presence during our time together and to empower and support you within a safely held, confidential and grounded container and environment that allows you to connect to yourself on a deeper level, integrate and embody.

Make the connection and join me on this journey to create the life you want to live.

Thank you for your presence.


Anita ~ Karan Amrita

[If anything on this site does not resonate with you, please disregard.]