Sovereign Being : Embodied Re:Program

Sovereign Being : Embodied with Anita & Tribe
VII (7) week Re:Program

This is a holistic offering that considers all aspects of your life, no matter what stage you are at right now. It is a roadmap designed for you to increase your physical health and well-being, create a deeper connection with yourself, others and the Earth Mother Gaia, create balance, gain insights and clarity about who you are and what you want, heal and let go of what you no longer need and create space for you to receive what is your highest truth, alignment and timeline.

You will be empowered by learning tools, practices, wisdom, knowledge and experiences that you can easily apply, integrate and implement into your daily life to create change and a healthy, fulfilled, joyful and harmonious life.

A unique educational program like this has not been presented anywhere before and includes decades of research, practices, modalities, therapies, knowledge, wisdom and experiences, consolidated for you, saving you years of time, money and effort. Everything we share has been applied successfully and helped many create breakthroughs.

Your Transformation Space Holder is Anita and every week tribe member(s) will join the live session to share their gifts and expertise with you. This is a very special Re:Program created for you by community! Spaces are limited > complete the form below to reserve your spot. We look forward to get to know you!

What will this journey help you transmute?

  • Feeling tired from stagnant energy and poor physical health;
  • Feeling overwhelmed by what is happening in your life;
  • Being stuck in limiting beliefs, conditioning, programs, depression, stories or patterns that are preventing you from creating the life you want to live;
  • Imbalance in your body, mind, emotions, spirit and soul;
  • Disconnection from yourself and others;
  • Confusion and feeling lost;
  • Self-doubt and feeling disempowered;
  • Disembodiment and feeling “all over the place”;
  • Disharmony in yourself and your life;
  • Feeling out of control about what is happening in your life;
  • Feeling abandoned;
  • Trauma, abuse and whatever is on your personal path.

What will you learn and go through during this Re:Program?

The focus is on embodiment, starting with the essential basics that create the foundation for your health, overall well-being, prosperity and fulfilment. We will build onto this foundation and facilitate a step-by-step re:program that will provide you with all you need to:

  • Be more grounded and present;
  • Be healthy and excited about life;
  • Be attuned and connected to yourself, others and Gaia;
  • Integrate and be in flow with your reality, with your creation;
  • Heal and re:program your Central Nervous System;
  • Love yourself;
  • Be free within and without;
  • Gain clarity, insights;
  • Strengthen your intuition;
  • Unlock your highest potential;
  • Sleep better;
  • Protect yourself and your energy;
  • Create from a calm state;
  • Heal inner child wounds;
  • And so much more!


7 weekly live meetings via zoom with Anita and tribe guests that will join towards the end of the meeting
Each meeting will be 2 – 2.5 hours and will be recorded for those who cannot attend the live

Wednesday 29 March, 5 April, 12 April, 19 April, 26 April, 3 May, 10 May 2023

29 March 2023: 6pm Sydney, AUS (AEST), 9am Bolzano, Italy (CEST), 12am Los Angeles, USA (PDT), 12:30pm Mumbai, India (IST)
5 April – 10 May 2023: 6pm Sydney, AUS (AEST), 10am Bolzano, Italy (CEST), 1am Los Angeles, USA (PDT), 1:30pm Mumbai, India (IST)

What is included?

ʘ Weekly meetings via zoom: each session includes a customised opening and closing activation, practical and empowering tools, resources, and practices to implement into your daily life and create change

ʘ Each week tribe member guest(s) sharing their wisdom, gifts and expertise

+ You are held in a safe container with like-hearted people for the period of the Re:Program that will support and empower you on your journey

+ Weekly homework for self-enquiry and to develop more self-trust and love, to implement and integrate the learnt practices and tools and create change

+ A private Facebook community group only for “Sovereign Being Embodied Re:Program” members to connect with soul family and be supported on your journey home

+ Lifetime access to the Re:Program > you can download the recordings and have them forever for your personal use

+ Special offers

Your Transformation Space Holder


Anita is passionate about embodiment, re-membering our truth and heart essence, sovereignty, expanding our consciousness, healing, extracting from the narrative and matrix and re-activate our original organic blueprint.

Anita is a certified practitioner and Kundalini Yoga Teacher in addition to many other qualifications and skills she has acquired in 20 years of studies, development, exploration, experience, healing and embodiment. She has developed a unique skill set alchemising the best tools and possibilities from various modalities, teachings, natural medicine systems, therapies, and practices.

For several years she is assisting and supporting individuals and community worldwide on their journey home to themselves. Having a wealth of life experience in many different environments, cultures, settings and paradigms, Anita has developed a unique ability of understanding and perceive someone’s circumstances with compassion and without judgement.

Everything that she brings and offers is at its essence about loving and trusting yourself, coming back into and staying with yourself, knowing thyself and being free.

Breakdown of each week

Week 1:I – BASICS : Framework

Basic tools and aspects that provide you with a foundation for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You need a basic framework that you expand and adapt as you get to know yourself more and are in tune with your being. Your body, heart, soul and spirit will lead you and you will feel what the right path is for you, rather than following a concept or program with your mind. Everyone is unique and everyone’s journey is different – you create your reality.

ʘ How to nurture and look after your body

ʘ Daily practice and intention setting

ʘ Embodiment practices

Guest – tribe member:

Dr Megan McMahon

Megan is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a master energy worker.

Megan has been treating thousands of people across the world over the last three decades, is a meditation master and developing her own skin and body alchemy.

Week 2:II – HOME : Within & Without

How to create a home and safety within yourself and around you. You learn how to improve your internal and external living space.

ʘ How to create a safe home environment

ʘ Basic energetic hygiene

ʘ Practices and tools to improve your environment within and without

Guest – tribe member:

Paola de Teliga

Paola started studying yoga 23 years ago due to a hard lumbar problem in her spine. Her daily practice not only healed her spine but it also started a lifelong love with yoga. Her passion led her to become a qualified teacher to support children, physically disabled, pregnant women and elderly. She is also a Reiki Master.
Over two decades ago Paola started practicing Vedic Meditation that has greatly supported her during her 22 years of professional modelling. Changing cultures and dealing with different people almost every day was a hard environment and although she loved her job, the travelling made it quite lonely. Waking up and not remembering what continent or country she was in caused anxiety that she soothed with Pranayama and Meditation. Training the mind is very important to her and she wants to share her wisdom with the world, to make it a better place.
About 9 years ago Paola’s priorities changed and she has now an eight-year-old daughter that also meditates, it has a tremendous impact on her life.
Paola has been working with plant medicine for over two decades and is supporting people by holding space so they may find their own path of self-healing and inner work.

Week 3:III – SELF : Mastery

Anita shares a particular powerful grounding practice with you and what it means to ground, where to focus on and what to do, within and without. You learn how to clear your field and energy on an advanced level and become a more authentic embodiment of yourself by changing patterns and belief systems.

ʘ Energetic protection

ʘ Advanced energetic hygiene

ʘ Exercises and practices for self-enquiry, self-love and strengthening your intuition

Guest – tribe member:

Kaya Kailani

Kaya ( is the keeper of the lineage of the Source Light Codes, the Bridge, and an Activator of the lost ancient knowledge we carry in our cellular memory. Source Codes have been with her since she was a child and she has always known that there is an important reason for her being here on earth. She knew she carried something unique in her divine blueprint that will someday help many to remember who they truly are.

Anita has received three Source Light Codes and is a Sun Key Keeper. You can see one of the codes and the Sun Key on several of Anita’s photos.

Week 4:IV – CALM : Balance

You learn how to calm and re:program your central nervous system, how to breathe to create physical well-being including more presence and awareness, how to self-soothe and be in charge of your state and wellness so you can enjoy the beauty and love life offers.

ʘ Practices and tools to create balance in yourself, your life and your surroundings

ʘ Focus, improving sleep, releasing old stories and integration

ʘ Triggers: how to not let them take over and get the most out of them

Guest – tribe member:

Belinda Harrold

Belinda ( is a passionate marketer and facilitator of lucid dreaming workshops. She loves helping heart-centric business owners, and health professionals stay in their zone of genius and get the creative freedom they deserve. She is also passionate about helping others explore their inner power and spiritual gifts, and use lucid dreaming to create meaningful change in their lives. Bel is creative and committed to self-discovery. She embodies freedom, creativity, and the power to manifest our dreams into reality.

Week 5:V – KNOW : Thyself

You learn how to be attuned to yourself and create your reality from a state of knowing, love and trust. Anita takes you through a step-by-step process and gives you the framework for inner child healing. Discernment can only be learnt by experience: we need to learn to trust ourselves and our choices. Even if we think we were wrong, is that really true? Or did we receive exactly what we asked for?

ʘ How to listen to and strengthen your intuition – discernment which voice your intuition is

ʘ Inner child connection and healing: you learn how to implement practices to facilitate for yourself

ʘ Strengthen your energy field, transmute confusion and gain clarity

Guest – tribe member:

Natty Dipold

Natty ( aptly named is the all about things natural. She looks at her health, parenting, relationships & whatever sense-ational offerings provides others for to en-joy from this eye. A dynamic character who lives close by her secretive Scorpio sun still has many stories to share. Always dissolving & ever changing natty holds much wisdom from her expansive life. Coming from Hungarian blood has carved deep sense of passion with her. Currently she diving deep into Zenthai shiatsu, Jewellery making & a deep Hatha yoga practice, yet she feels best when she writes poetry, takes photo diaries, deeply in her yogic philosophy to living wholesome & being a strong homemaker.

Week 6:VI – ESSENTIAL : Integration

Integration is essential to translate what you learn, receive, and transmute into your daily life. Only by integrating your experiences and insights they do become a permanent part of your more authentic life and improved well-being, rather than being a one-off occurrence only. You learn how to integrate internal and external upgrades to implement change that will lead you to more love for yourself, your life and everything in it, while embodying your truth and sovereignty, taking responsibility for your (co-)creation.

ʘ Meditation: learn about the different methods and find your own

ʘ Re:program belief systems, unlearn old patterns and create your reality from a place of loving awareness

ʘ Radical forgiveness, ritual and ceremony

Guest – tribe members:

Pureheart Alchemy: Adrian & Izabella

Pureheart Alchemy ( is a co-creative artistic expression between Adrian and Izabella.  Their dedication to the healing realms of plants is shared into the world through multiple offerings from their forest garden.

Aligning with the rhythms of nature, Adrian and Izabella create essences and ritual tools, now well known for their potency and ability to instantly shift mental, emotional and physical states. These high-frequency sacred tools are used in sacred spaces, workshops, yoga studios and by body-workers, therapists, coaches, chiropractors, hypnotherapists as well as in everyday practice, supporting humans to integrate and embody their empowered selves. Pureheart Alchemy creations include Flower Essences and Mysts to Plant Perfumes and Ritual Cleansers – these plant medicines assist in recentering, reconnecting and re-aligning people with themselves through direct communion to plants. Adrian and Izabella are continually embodying the wisdom of their own experiences with nature, deep diving into ceremony with various teachers and then offering their own earth-focused rituals, retreats and workshops from their beautiful bushland temple space.

Week 7:VII – Q&A : Activation

A brief recap of the last VI weeks with an opportunity to share for all attending members and ask questions. We celebrate your commitment to yourself and your path!

ʘ Frequency Attunement Alchemy

ʘ Deepen heart connection

ʘ Special offers

Guest – tribe members:

Leah Ryan & Yogee Selvadurai

Leah’s lifelong investment in spiritual growth led her to become a teacher. However, soon she realised that she was also a Mother, a nurturer, a counsellor, a facilitator, a healer and above all – a space holder. She was fascinated with understanding childhood trauma and how this affects a spiritual being from living their most authentic life. While studying Kinesiology, she realised the importance of healing the ‘Mother wounds’ and generational trauma, reconnecting with the inner child and rediscovering the importance of self-love. Leah uses a variety of different modalities: Traditional Chinese medicine and acupressure points, sound vibration and frequencies, intuitive energy healing and art therapy to facilitate a person’s innate intelligence to self-heal.

Yogee is passionate about bringing back the ancient inner-standings of feeling/releasing/healing using sound vibrations/frequencies/energies and intention. Using sound vibrations with native American Drums, Rattles, Gongs, singing bowls etc. AND with the assistance from the unseen but ever-present love frequencies in the ether, Yogee co-creates a safe immersive space allowing a being to journey within themselves, to locate and release any trauma energies contained within their energetic field. The space also allows the being to recognize the already existing connections to the earth and their ancestors. This is so important so that they know that the journey they are on is never on their own.


Early bird till 19 March > extended till 22 March: $888 AUD, 633 USD/EUR, after $1,111 AUD, 777 USD/EUR

Payment plans available if appropriate, check with us.

Join the tribe and register now!

We are excited for you to join us on this journey and we’ll email you how to make payment.

We look forward to connect with you!

Frequently asked questions

ʘ Who is this program for? Anyone who wants to improve their life quality to be healthier, happier, more balanced, peaceful and in alignment with who they are and what they want, learn more about living consciously and aware, let go of what is no longer needed, bring in your heart’s desires, take charge of your life and energy, create self-love, gain clarity, creativity, confidence, lightness, balance, freedom and harmony. No prior experience is needed, only an open heart and mind. All of you is welcome. Children are welcome to join for free with their parents present and at the discretion of their parents (children cannot attend without a parent).
ʘ What is the format/duration of each session? Each live will be 2 – 2.5 hours. We start and close each session with a customised meditation/activation, we’ll go through the content, a tribe member will join to share their expertise and wisdom, homework will be shared at the end of the session or after in the private facebook group and via email if preferred.
ʘ What if I cannot attend a live gathering? Each session will be recorded and you will get a link to download it, you can keep it for your personal use forever and watch it as often as you wish. You can watch it on your own time whenever suits your schedule. However, if you are committed to your progress and want to move with the pace of the Re:Porgram and do the homework, then ideally you watch the recording on the same day or the day after the original session time to get the most out of it. For the time of the Re:Program you are always held in the container, even if you cannot attend a session.
ʘ How much time do I ideally invest each week to get the most out of it? It is anywhere from a couple of hours to how much time you want to devote to it. It varies for everyone and on how you approach each topic and the homework.
ʘ How do I get the most out of each session? How do I prepare? Ideally, you get comfortable 5 – 10 minutes before the session starts in a quiet undisturbed place, have water close by to stay hydrated, get a notebook and pen for anything you want to write down, layered clothing, and anything else you need to be comfortable for the next 2 – 2.5 hours. It would be good if you can sit during the session, and lay down only during the opening and closing mediation/activation if you need to. You can also light a candle, use incense, oils – whatever you do, do you 🙂
ʘ Will I get 1:1 sessions during this VII week Re:Program? No, this is a group program but you can reach out to Anita for support and book a session with her. You are also welcome to contact Anita or post in the private Facebook group if you have any questions or need support.
ʘ Can I get a refund if I change my mind? No – once you sign up you are part of this embodiment journey.