Our mantra is

“Everything you need is already within you. Embody it.”

What this means is that everything you need to live the life you want is already within YOU, and our mission is to support you and the community on your journey home to discover and remember it so you can step into it and be your true authentic sovereign embodiment.

All that we offer is at its essence about loving and trusting yourself, coming back into and staying with yourself in your body, knowing thyself, learning discernment by experience and being free, whatever that means for you. Nothing outside of us can “fix” us; we are not broken. What we can do though is to be open and receive others into our life that have the skill and knowledge to support us and show us tools we can apply to heal, transmute, let go of what is no longer needed, unlock our gifts, upgrade and create a balanced, abundant and beautiful life full of love, peace and freedom, and to be a multi-dimensional embodiment of our highest truth and sovereignty in every now moment.

A “healer” is not someone that you go to FOR healing.
A healer is someone that triggers within you your own ability to heal yourself.

Mamma Gaia, Mother Earth or Pachamama, is upgrading and shifting her vibrational frequency, and so are we, whether we are aware of it or not. The change is undeniable no matter what level of awareness and consciousness anyone holds.
Our journey here is essentially about embodying higher consciousness, activating our original organic blueprint and waking up from the dream. For this to happen and to be able to handle the transformation that occurs when we transmute and integrate more light into our body, our physical vessel needs to be equipped for this and most importantly: we need to be in our body and connected to ourselves – otherwise we’ll stay stuck in lower frequencies like fear, trauma, loops, patterns, programming, manipulation, abuse, victimhood, anger, despair, hostility, resentment, shame, entitlement, ego, etc.
As we heal ourselves, we bring healing to everything around us.

Embodiment is key. We support you with that. As within so without.

~ Our offerings ~

Frequency Attunement Alchemy

As the name indicates, this body of work is an alchemical approach to attuning frequency. It is a holistic, hands-on (or remotely online) bodywork treatment that addresses physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and soul aspects that are out of balance and have lost their natural rhythm. Frequency Attunement Alchemy is a unique modality developed by Anita, one of our founding Principle Custodians. It combines the most effective and powerful elements from multiple healing techniques, modalities, therapies, natural medicine systems and methods acquired over decades of extensive studies, development, exploration, experience and embodiment.

Everything in the universe, including us, is made of energy, light waves and vibration and vibrates at a natural frequency. Everything our body consists of, all organs, skin, brain, fluids, cells, nerves, tissues, bones, and membranes have their own vibrations and are in constant dialogue with each other to work on keeping a healthy balance. In a healthy body, this exchange is harmonious. In the case of stress, pain, trauma, fatigue, tension, disease, etc., the vibrations are “detuned” and out of balance. When this happens, we are disconnected from ourselves, source and those around us; we are unsettled and feel uneasy, get ill or depressed, are tired, develop addictions, have lost the joy and beauty of living this experience, and so on.

By creating movement through vibration, communicating with aspects of your being and using tools for cleansing, tuning forks, shamanic medicine drum, healing bowl, etc., the natural healing rhythms of your body, of your whole being, are restored, and balance is created. It is a deeply grounding, calming and gentle massage-like treatment that physically amplifies the internal vibrations that drive your health, strengthens your immune and nervous system, and empowers you to create the life you want from a place of connection. A Frequency Attunement Alchemy treatment is also highly beneficial for plant medicine, soul retrieval and past life experience integration.

To heal, shift and balance something, we first need to acknowledge that it is present. As an example: if we keep suppressing our anger, fear, pain, etc., it will manifest as an imbalance in the form of physical dis-ease at some stage. This doesn’t need to happen; we have a choice, always.

Anita, who is worldwide the only “Samvahan” practitioner that has this level of qualification and completed her apprenticeship with the Samvahan Master and Teacher Michael Trembath, will provide a safe, clear, grounded and loving space for you to allow yourself for this acknowledgement to happen so you can let go what you no longer need.

What is Samvahan? It is an ancient Indian vibrational treatment system based in Vedic philosophy, it is the vehicle and bringer of balance and an integral part of the Frequency Attunement Alchemy experience. Vibration is the fundamental principle of health, healing and life, unless blocked. Michael Trembath, a Master Healer, therapist, osteopath, et magis, who has taught and practised for over 30 years across the world, treating tens of thousands of clients, was Anita’s teacher, mentor and friend. She was his first apprentice of many and the only one who had the honour to complete her training, spending countless hours treating hundreds of clients with Michael before he left the earthly plane in March 2021.

Each treatment is different and personalised to meet your needs. The duration is one hour, lying clothed on a massage table or remotely online, which is as effective as physical touch – using hands and tools for cleansing, tuning forks, shamanic medicine drum, healing bowl, etc., as needed.

It is also possible to combine your session with our other offerings, especially Ceremony (face to face only), which is a very powerful experience with guaranteed shifts.


Sitting in sacred ceremony is a reset, a space of inner stillness, presence, truth and self-acceptance without narration. An inward focus while letting go of the need to search outside yourself. The intention is to connect to your essence and explore all aspects of your being without judgement.

You will be served the sacred plant medicine Hape (pronounced “ha-peh”, also Rapé or Rapeh), a shamanic snuff (tobacco) from the Amazon. Hape is a master plant teacher and is deeply grounding and cleansing on all levels. It is a medicine of truth, connection and silence. It clears and opens channels and detoxifies your body, mind and energy while enhancing clarity, focus and balance.

The duration of a ceremony is one-and-a-half-hour (in person only). You will be in a safe container where all of you is welcome and held within a clean, protected and grounded space. It is recommended with a prior Frequency Attunement Alchemy treatment, yet this is not a requirement, and both are individually available.

This powerful plant medicine supports the clearing of the pineal gland and boosts visionary, creative, self-expressive, mental and psychic abilities. It can be used as a tool to expand your consciousness and to extract from the matrix, programming, manipulation and narrative. It helps to break patterns, conditioning, games, MKUltra and to remove anything inorganic, implants, entities, imprints, AI and nanotech.


Meditation can be practised using different tools such as mantra, pranayama (breathing exercise) and focus. It is essential to develop and have a regular practice to navigate reality in a conscious and grounded way without being overwhelmed and in a constant fight, flight or freeze response.

It is a practice of awareness that brings us back into ourselves and helps us to accept what is present for us, calm and clear our mind, emotions, physical discomfort and feelings. It brings us into a stable state and soothes our nervous system. It is an effective tool to alleviate stress, enhance sleep, and increase overall wellbeing.

We teach meditation face-to-face and online/remote 1:1 and in groups, at community events, workshops, projects, and in single and regular sessions. In a 1:1 setting one hour minimum is recommended, and for online groups shorter times are possible (for example for a workplace group meditation over the lunch break, as part of a workshop/class, etc.).

It is facilitated in a grounded, safe, clear and loving container and can be combined with our other offerings.

Attunement Practice

Integration is key for transformation.

As we walk through life on our human journey as spiritual beings and grow, evolve, shift, gain insights, transmute, ascend and transform, it is essential to integrate this into our whole being to be an embodied sovereign and conscious creator.

No matter where we are at on our journey, how evolved, awake or conscious we are, as long as we are here on the earth plane, we have to work through our limitations, shadows, judgements, triggers, emotions, feelings and traumas. That is part of the human experience and what we came here for in the first place.

The first step is to acknowledge and recognise what is present for us, within us, and the willingness to change, transform and grow, in whichever direction our soul and spirit or higher self, our gut, our heart, our intuition or whatever resonates with you, guides us. Otherwise we will keep bringing back the same lessons we don’t want to experience anymore, each time heavier until we have learnt them.

The Attunement Practice supports you daily in this process with your commitment to showing up for yourself while being held in a safe, loving and empowering container for a period of time, and the minimum is 21 days which it takes to break habits, develop new ones and change your life. The practice is customised to your needs and availability as an enjoyable experience that creates more space for yourself, clarity and freedom in your life and for what you want, for who you are and embody it.

It is an alchemical practice that assists with the integration of any internal and external shifts, including your physicality, past life experiences, soul retrievals, plant medicine, DNA upgrades, detoxification of your body and energy field and more.

Take the first step towards a freer and more unburdened life and book your Frequency Attunement Alchemy session to receive your personalised Attunement Practice to create a journey aligned with your highest truth. This offering is available face-to-face and online/remote.

Kundalini Yoga

The Yoga of Awareness enables a fast way to create transformation and embodiment. In our experience it is one of the most powerful practices. It is for everyone. No prior experience is needed, you don’t need to be flexible, strong or athletic to practice, nor do you have to be “spiritual” or have any particular beliefs. The benefits are many as it creates an internal biochemistry of mental calm and clarity and supports the treatment of anxiety, depression, addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder and more.

Kundalini Yoga promotes your overall physical fitness while balancing your glandular system, strengthening your nervous system, purifying your blood, expanding lung capacity and increasing body strength. You will gain more clarity and trust in yourself and your intuition, your own truth. You will become more confident, capable and efficient in whatever you do in your life while you work toward your liberation and become increasingly more aware of yourself on all levels.

It involves pranayama (breath regulation exercise and technique), kriya (practice set), mantra (word or phrase repeated as an aid to meditation) and meditation. Any component can also be considered as a standalone practice. Classes taught are not often the same, yet repetition of a specific practice is key when working on a particular topic.

We offer both face-to-face and online Kundalini Yoga in a 1:1 and group setting and as part of community events and workshops.

If you would like to co-create a community event or workshop, please connect to discuss details

For an individual practice we’ll have an initial Frequency Attunement Alchemy session to feel what is present for you and what you want to shift and work on with regular classes or as a one-off to get you started and give you “homework” to address your needs. The length of a class or session is generally between an hour and one-and-a-half. The duration of your personal practice depends on your availability for easy integration into your daily life.

Make the connection and join us on this journey to create the life you want to live.

We offer a free 15-minute consultation call for any questions you might have and to feel if we are fit to work together. Individual sessions are possible Monday to Saturday (7 am – 8 pm AEDT) depending on availability, face-to-face in our private practice in Sydney – Sandringham (address given upon booking, free on-street parking) or remote/online worldwide via Signal, Telegram and Zoom.

You can book a one-off individual session or five sessions (also treatment combinations) with a discount with Anita. How to book for a community event or workshop will be outlined in the relevant details. Before making a booking, please read through the “Terms and Conditions” – sidebar on desktop, bottom page on mobile device.

We look forward to connecting with you.

Sovereign Being

No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.
C. G. Jung

Create heaven on earth daily with this free 11-minute meditation for Self-Love and Grounding.