“Everything you need is already within you. Embody it.”

All you need to live the life you want is already within YOU. Our mission is to support you and the community on your journey home to unlock, discover and remember it so you can step into it and be your true authentic sovereign embodiment. As we heal ourselves, we bring healing to everything around us.

~ Our offerings ~

Frequency Attunement Alchemy

A Frequency Attunement Alchemy session is a holistic, hands-on bodywork treatment (it has the same effect online/remote) that addresses not only the physical but also the mental, emotional, spiritual and soul aspects, bringing harmony and balance into your whole being, so you are again in tune with yourself.

We are honoured to be treating you through a unique alchemical approach combining the system Samvahan Vibrational Massage and elements of multiple healing techniques, modalities, therapies, natural medicine systems and methods.

Attunement Practice

This is a 21 Day Personal Attunement Practice aligned to men and women’s needs to easily integrate into daily life. You will gain daily support by Anita as you become more present and embodied, unlearn old patterns, shift your awareness and transform your life. You will be given a personalised program and be held in a safe and confidential container for healing and alchemical transformation for the duration of the practice.


This individual ceremony is 1.5 – 2 hours duration, held in a safe and loving container face-to-face, within a clear, protected and grounded space. You will be served sacred plant medicine, a powerful shamanic snuff (tobacco) from the Amazon. Hapé (pronounced “ha-peh”, also Rapé or Rapeh) is a master plant teacher and is deeply grounding and cleansing. It is a medicine of truth, connection, silence and resilience. The shamanic healing experienced with this non-psychoactive medicine is a reset, a clearing of mind and body and can help shape the way to greater mental, emotional and physical health.

Sovereign Being : Embodied – Live Master : Class
followed by VII (7) week Re:Program

We are excited to announce that we’ll be holding a Live Master : Class followed by a VII (7) week Re-Program soon.

These are unique offerings that haven’t been presented in this format anywhere before and include decades of research, practices, knowledge, wisdom and experiences narrowed down for you to easily apply and integrate into your daily life, saving you many years of time, money and effort. Everything we share has been “tested” by us – it works!

The focus is on embodiment, starting with the essential basics that create the foundation for your health, prosperity, fulfilment, the relationship with yourself, others and all aspects of your life. We will build onto this foundation with a roadmap that will provide you with all you need to be more balanced, grounded, present, attuned to yourself, in flow with your reality, sleep better and so much more!

We will share tools to create more self-love, unlock your highest potential, take care of yourself and your energy and live a happier and healthier life.

No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.
C. G. Jung

Create heaven on earth daily with this free 11-minute meditation for Self-Love and Grounding.