Frequency Attunement Alchemy

Everything in the universe is frequency, energy and light waves. Everything, including us, is made of vibrations and has its own rhythm and vibrates at a natural frequency and vibration. The rhythms and harmonics in the human body are the same as those found in our natural environment on and beyond the planet. In Quantum physics, this is known as the wave-particle duality, which means that every physical particle is also a form of energy vibration.

Each part of the body, organs, skin, brain, fluids, cells, glands, nerves, tissues, bones and membranes vibrate at a particular frequency and communicate with each other in a constant dialogue to work on keeping a healthy balance. In a healthy body this exchange is harmonious. Vibration is the fundamental principle for health, life and healing, unless it is blocked. Tension, stress, pain, trauma, fatigue, illness or (chronic) disease can disturb this natural rhythm and frequency, and the vibrations are out of balance, “detuned”.

Frequency Attunment Alchemy is a holistic, hands-on bodywork treatment that addresses not only the physical but also the mental, emotional, spiritual and soul aspects. It is a unique alchemical approach combining elements of multiple healing techniques, modalities, therapies, principles and methods.

An integral part of a Frequency Attunement Alchemy session is the treatment system Samvahan Vibrational Massage. Vibrational Healing has worked for thousands of years, and this science goes back to the Vedic scriptures over four thousand years ago. By creating massage-like movement through natural energy vibration, the internal rhythms and vibrations are balanced and harmonised; your body is being “tuned” to its natural frequency. It is a deeply grounded treatment that physically amplifies the internal vibrations that drive your health. Through entrainment, a pure, balanced vibration is introduced, and any out of balance vibrations migrate naturally toward the more harmonic frequencies offered. Constrictions are freed up working with the physical body’s subtle energies and the surrounding energy fields, enabling a subtle energetic shift that provides a healthy balance at your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

I AM honoured to be the only Samvahan practitioner worldwide that was able to reach this level of qualification and has completed the apprenticeship with the Samvahan Master and Teacher Michael Trembath, a Master Healer, therapist, osteopath, et alliis, who has taught and practiced for 30 years across the world, treating tens of thousands of clients. Sadly, he has left the earth plane in March 2021. Michael was the apprentice of Dr. Ram Bhosle, the Ayurvedic physician for H.H. the Dalai Lama, the doctor to Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill and other leaders around the world, that has brought Samvahan to perfection in the last century.

Solstice 21.12.2020 Uluru/Kata Tjuta

Every treatment is different and adapted to your particular needs to address whatever is present for you at this moment and needs attention. We will identify any limiting beliefs, conditioning, programs, stories or patterns preventing you from creating the life you want to live. Holding on to these old stories can create a false sense of safety as you evolve and move past them into the unknown. It can feel like being kept prisoners of this suffering that your thoughts, behaviours and emotions can cause. Transformation can take place once anything hidden is brought to light and acknowledged. Now you gain clarity and can make a choice from an empowered, calm state and become a conscious creator, a sovereign being.

I support you within a safely held and confidential container to stay present in your body and with yourself, go beyond the narrative, stories and strategies, listen to yourself and to your body, to connect within and to integrate. The greatest gift of healing is self-love and allowing every part of yourself to be present. Presence provides clarity and a healthy life that is balanced in all aspects can be created. As we balance ourselves, we bring the vibration of balance to all things and everything around us.

A treatment is one hour either face-to-face lying on a massage table (clothed) or online/remote which is as effective as physical touch. Tools used if needed: tuning forks, healing bowls, shamanic medicine drum and cleansing tools. For most people the experience of a Frequency Attunement Alchemy treatment is different to anything they have experienced before and describe it as calming, grounding, healing and relaxing. It can soothe emotions and mental stress and strengthens your immune and nervous systems.

It can be beneficial to combine Frequency Attunement Alchemy with Ceremony (face-to-face only), Mediation, Attunement Practice and Kundalini Yoga, yet this is not a requirement, all sessions are individually available.

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