Frequency Attunement Alchemy

A Frequency Attunement Alchemy session is a holistic, hands-on bodywork treatment (it has the same effect online/remote) that addresses not only the physical but also the mental, emotional, spiritual and soul aspects, bringing harmony and balance into your whole being, so you are again in tune with yourself. We are honoured to be treating you through a unique alchemical approach combining the system Samvahan Vibrational Massage and elements of multiple healing techniques, modalities, therapies, natural medicine systems and methods.

For you if:

  • You are feeling tired from stagnant energy
  • You’re stuck in limiting beliefs, conditioning, programs, depression, stories or patterns that are preventing you from creating the life you want to live
  • You are exhausted from being kept prisoners of this suffering that thoughts, behaviours and emotions can cause
  • You experience physical imbalance that affects your health
  • Plant medicine integration

Anita is the essence of Sovereign Being. She is the practitioner, Transformation Space Holder, Alchemist, Wayshower and Sun Key Keeper, facilitating our one-on-one sessions and the key in our co-creation of funding, facilitating, implementing and operating sustainable, educational and experiental community events, projects, workshops, healing modalities and embodiment practices.

Having a wealth of life experience in many different environments, cultures, settings and paradigms, Anita has developed a unique skill of understanding and perceiving someone’s circumstances with compassion and without judgement. This combined with her extensive skill set that has been formed over 20 years of studies, development, exploration, healing and most of all experience and embodiment, allows her to assist you in a way that is personalised and aligned to you and your needs without any paradigmatic restrictions.

Imagine from one session you:

  • You feel safely held in a confidential container of presence, so that your transformation can take place
  • You can begin to feel present in your body and with yourself
  • You can gain clarity and make a choice from an empowered, calm state
  • You become a conscious creator, a sovereign being, aligned with your truth
  • You bring the vibration of balance to all things and everything around you

Treatment is 1 hour either face-to-face lying on a massage table (clothed) or online/remote, which is as effective as physical touch. Tools often used are tuning forks, healing bowls, shamanic medicine drum, cleansing tools, etc. For most people the experience of a Frequency Attunement Alchemy treatment is different to anything they have experienced before, and they describe it as calming, grounding, healing and relaxing. It can soothe emotions and mental stress and strengthens your immune and nervous systems.


“It was my first experience with Frequency Attunement Alchemy. Anita created a safe and relaxed space. The treatment/massage itself was wonderful: light touches restoring the connections between mind and body. But what worked for me the most was strengthening the feeling of being grounded which was my intention. One week after the feeling is still there. Amazed and grateful!” Lidia

Frequency Attunement Alchemy Session: AUD 180, USD/EUR 144
5 sessions discounted AUD 810, USD/EUR 648

Frequency Attunement Alchemy and Ceremony (face-to-face only): AUD 417 discounted