The very nature of my work is Essence.

Since I can remember, I intuitively felt that something “was off” with the reality that I was presented. I only understood later in my life that it was a dense third-dimensional environment built on abuse, manipulation and trauma. I always felt disbelief that this was the existence human life is about; it just didn’t feel “right”. Since being able to think, I questioned everything and continue to do so with an analytical, open and awake mind.

This enquiring approach to life led me to the realisation that everything I need to live the life I want is already within me and that there is no need to search outside of myself.

The “secret” is to remember and embody the I AM.

Anita ~ Karan Amrita, Transformation Space Holder, Alchemist, Wayshower & Sun Key Keeper

To remember our source, the essence of who and what we are, and to unlock our highest potential and innate gifts means to go beyond narrative, programming and manipulation. It requires to move past distractions that take our focus outside of ourselves and further away from us instead of bringing us into ourselves so that we can embody our highest truth, live authentically and create the life and reality we want to live as sovereign beings.


For several years I AM assisting and supporting individuals worldwide on their journey home to themselves. Everything that I offer is at its essence about loving and trusting yourself, coming back into and stay with yourself, knowing thyself and being free, whatever that means for you.

My work and skill set has been formed over 20 years of extensive studies, development, exploration, and most of all, experience and embodiment. The result is a unique approach that includes tools and possibilities from various modalities, teachings and practices which allow me to assist you in a way that is personalised and aligned to you and your needs without any paradigmatic restrictions.

I AM originally from the Italian Alps, speaking multiple languages from early childhood and have lived in several countries before settling in Australia in 2012. My journey home to myself includes Kinesiology (“The Behavioral Barometer”, Psycho – Kinesiology, Three in One Concepts, Bach Flowers, etc.), Family Constellations, Ancestral work, Bioenergetic screening system, Bachelor of Counselling and Coaching, Forgiveness Work (Colin Tipping), Inner Child Work, “The Work” by Byron Katie, The Journey (Brandon Bays), Divine Openings (Lola Jones), Pilates, Bikram Yoga, Naam Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Experiential Astrology, various meditation techniques, Mantra practice, Shamanism, Vision Quests, Plant Medicine work, Tantra (emphasis on consent, boundaries, clarity, flow, healing, direction, balance and integration of feminine & masculine), 5 Rhythms and other conscious dances, Bodywork (relaxation massage therapist), Volunteering at several charities (emphasis on supporting HIV affected individuals; Healing through art – providing opportunities to 65 First Nations, refugees and culturally and linguistically diverse artists) which involved also being on the board as VC and Secretary, my love for coffee (Barista), regularly sitting in Samadhi and Samvahan (ancient vibrational healing technique).

Having 25 years of experience in the business world in several countries in management and supervisory roles in various international education and corporation environments within the private and public sector, I understand the demands of juggling personal life, family, relationships and career. The tools I provide are practical and can be implemented easily into your life, and I intend to empower and support you on your journey inwards with no expectations and to allow yourself to feel, sense and observe.


There is no secret formula or “key” that works for everyone. We are all different and on a unique individual journey. Yet when we can be present with ourselves and to whatever is happening in us, and love ourselves, no matter what, this is when we ascend, transform and transmute whatever has been holding us back from living a life aligned with our heart and truth.

None of what I offer and practice is a religion, philosophy, or lifestyle. No particular belief, being a certain way or experience is needed for it to be effective. It is for everyone, no matter the background.

Solstice 21.12.2020 Uluru/Kata Tjuta

All sessions are available worldwide remote/online via Signal, Telegram and Zoom, except for Ceremony. You can book a combination of treatments/sessions of Frequency Attunement Alchemy, Ceremony (face-to-face only), Mediation, Attunement Practice and Kundalini Yoga, which can be beneficial depending on your needs, yet this is not a requirement, and all are available individually.

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