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To connect and book individual sessions, community events or workshops, and if you have any questions, please complete the below contact form or get in touch via email, text message, via Signal, Telegram, or social media. We usually respond within 48 business hours.

Before your first appointment, we offer a free 15-minute consultation call for any questions you might have and to feel if we are fit to work together. For individual one-on-one sessions with Anita, a “Frequency Attunement Alchemy” session is recommended as a starting point.


Phone: +61 468 480 707

Individual sessions are possible Monday to Saturday (7 am – 8 pm AEDT) depending on availability, face-to-face in Sydney – Sandringham (address given upon booking, free on-street parking) or remote/online worldwide via Signal, Telegram and Zoom.*

You can book a one-off individual session or five sessions (also treatment combinations) with a discount with Anita. How to book for a community event or workshop will be outlined in the relevant details. Before making a booking, please read through the “Terms and Conditions” (sidebar on desktop, bottom page on mobile device).

Payment needs to be made before your session appointment, community event or workshop attendance, except for in-person cash payments at your session or the community event/workshop.

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*Face-to-face & online: Please don’t eat for one to two hours before your individual session, for ceremony please fast for at least three hours. Wear comfortable layered clothes. For community events and workshops details will be outlined as required.

*Remote/online: Please prepare for an on-time start in a quiet, undisturbed space where you can sit comfortably (preferably on the floor, if possible, only) and lay down for your individual session or as outlined in the community event or workshop details. Have clean filtered water next to you – this applies to all settings.


If a dispute arises out of or relates to this contract, or the breach thereof, and if the dispute cannot be settled through negotiation, the parties agree first to try in good faith to settle the dispute by mediation administered by Peacemaker Equity under the Peacemaker Equity Rules before resorting to arbitration.

The mediation will be conducted in person at a specified location or via video conference or phone call and all documentation/evidence relating to the dispute and any negotiation which has taken place is to be provided via email to at least 7 days before the mediation can commence.

The parties agree to waive their right to sue or litigate in any public court and agree to try in good faith to informally resolve any dispute via negotiation and mediation for at least 30 days before starting arbitration.

A party who intends to seek arbitration must first engage a mediation session conducted by Peacemaker Equity. If the mediation process is unsuccessful and arbitration is required, the party seeking arbitration must send the other parties a written notice with a detailed explanation of the dispute, its basis and the relief sought with an accompanying affidavit.

If you want to send such a notice to Peacemaker Equity, send it to