Attunement Practice

This is a 21 Day Personal Attunement Practice aligned to men and women’s needs to easily integrate into daily life. You will gain daily support by Anita as you become more present and embodied, unlearn old patterns, shift your awareness and transform your life. You will be given a personalised program and be held in a safe and confidential container for healing and alchemical transformation for the duration of the practice.

For you if:

  • You’re feeling disembodied, disempowered and stuck in old ways
  • You feel a sense of churning the wheel within the rat race
  • You’re looking for an educational foundation to begin the process of transformation
  • You are ready to bring harmony and balance into your whole being
  • You’re looking for daily accountability/support

For several years she is assisting and supporting individuals and community worldwide on their journey home to themselves with her unique approach that includes tools and possibilities from various modalities, teachings, natural medicine systems and practices. Everything that she offers is at its essence about loving and trusting yourself, coming back into and staying with yourself, knowing thyself and being free.

Since she can remember, she questioned everything and continues to do so with an open and awake mind and spirit. This enquiring approach to life led Anita to realise that everything she needs to live the life she wants is already within her and that there is no need to search outside of herself.

Having almost three decades of experience in the business world in several countries in management and supervisory roles in various international education and corporation environments within the private and public sector, she understands the demands of juggling personal life, family, relationships and career. The tools she provides are practical and can be implemented easily into your life. It is her intention to empower and support you on your journey inwards with no expectations and to allow yourself to feel, sense and observe.

Imagine, during this practice:

  • You will have your own unique personalised roadmap, so you can attune to your energy and frequency to be in alignment with your truth at any given moment
  • You are able to let go of outdated habits, patterns, loops,programs and negative belief systems, so that you can become a sovereign and conscious creator of your reality and your own experience of this life
  • Your feel empowered and excited about life
  • Your practice is your anchor when overwhelm, stress, anxiety, fear, etc. is present – it brings you back to yourself so you can make a choice from a place of calm and balance
  • You’re supported daily by Anita, our qualified resident healer, so that you can feel held and witnessed in the process of your transformation

The Embodiment of Attunement Practice is part of our projects and community events to provide an educational foundation for a restorative culture to encourage, promote and foster co-operation between humanity and further spiritual advance.


“Thanks, I’m so grateful for this great experience and for supporting me to get out of my comfort zone and make this commitment and time between and for myself. I realized how much we offer and how much time we give for other people and/or things/stuff instead of taking and giving time/priority to ourselves. This experience has given me more confidence in myself and more confidence in my strengths.

I will definitely choose Anita as my guidance, support and travel companion for my next spiritual journey. Even if you are miles away you can feel the support and warm embrace of Anita. Thanks again, lots of love!” Petra

Attunement Practice
Includes 21 Day Personalised Program with 1 x hour Frequency Attunement Alchemy Session
AUD 639, USD/EUR 511

Attunement Practice ‘Accelerator’
Includes 21 Day Personalised Program with 5 x hour Frequency Attunement Alchemy Session
AUD 1,222, USD/EUR 977