Attunement Practice

The human experience is about embodiment and ascending in your physical vessel. This means to be connected within and present in the body. No matter how evolved, awakened, aware or conscious you are, you need to work through your “stuff”, your triggers, judgements, shadows, traumas, feelings of hurt, pain, loneliness, anger, shame, fear, spite, resentment, desperation, guilt, trauma, grief, hate, depression, despair, etc., and acknowledge what is present and in front of you in this now moment to be able to embody your highest truth, your sovereignty.

All of you is welcome.



You have the choice to acknowledge and “resolve” the experiences you don’t want to have, yet you keep bringing them back into your life. The same lessons will show up until you learn from them. They are an opportunity to accept where you are at in this present moment instead of ignoring it and “sweeping it under the carpet”; this will only bring them back on a bigger scale, tapping you on your shoulder until you look at them. By working through whatever is not in alignment with yourself, you open the space for what you want to bring into your life and for who you truly are and embody it. You create a new reality. A reality that is not defined by your past experiences.

The Attunement Practice is a practical tool tailored to your individual needs that supports you daily on this journey. It is a reference point that helps you integrate, gain clarity, be more present and brings you back into yourself. It is your unique roadmap that assists you in the process of letting go of outdated habits and programs, an attunement of your energy and frequency to your truth and to be free, to become a sovereign and conscious creator.

You will be able to easily integrate your personal Attunement Practice into your daily life as you unlearn old patterns, shift your awareness and transform your life. My intention is to support and empower you while working through whatever is present for you whilst being held in a safe container.

Connect to book an initial consultation session (one hour) either face to face or online/remote to discuss details and any questions you have.

It can be beneficial to combine meditation with Frequency Attunement Alchemy, Ceremony (face-to-face only), Mediation and Kundalini Yoga, yet this is not a requirement, all sessions are individually available.